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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Real Estate Agents

Whether its a single Professional Indemnity policy or a comprehensive package, we offer great quality cover at an affordable price.

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If you are a real estate agent dealing with commercial or residential property, you may need Professional Indemnity Insurance as it provides cover in the event of claims arising from allegations that your services or advice caused financial loss to customers.

As we all know, the property market can be so unpredictable. The real estate market is hands-on and ever-changing meaning that you, as a professional, need to be prepared for the unexpected.

Professional Indemnity insurance for real estate agents is ideal for people dealing with commercial or residential property, as it covers you in the event of a claim and keeps your business safe.

Our Professional Indemnity insurance provides reassurance, financial protection, and peace of mind knowing that you can continue to do your job without thinking twice about giving your expert opinion to a client.

We provide competitive rates for real estate agents looking for Professional Indemnity insurance. Simply fill out our simple insurance questionnaire and you will be provided a quote instantly.